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Formulas and Software Programs

Forecasting Methodology: Online Retailer

For online retailer (or a single store): When a stock-out was suffered and subsequent sales lost, this formula then finds the best category sales to infer seasonality from, for the item that sold out, and it fixes the sales history to what it would have been had the item not sold out. One can then use these "fixed sales" as basis for better forecasting



(No Risk, Just Reward pricing: You pay only for % improvement in accuracy attained)

Online Shopping

Product Affinities

Which products sell together. Contains a significance formula, which indicates the % surety of each relationship.




Hardware Shop

Marketing: Minimum Control Group

When testing the effectiveness of current marketing methods, one often want to keep the smallest possible control group separate (so the maximum people can still receive marketing). We have determined the formula that gives you that minimum size, (for whichever required % certainty of improvement in sales by marketing you specify.)

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Forecasting Methodology: Retail Chain

A formula that looks at like-store sales, and fixes the historic sales lost due to stock-outs, to use these "fixed sales" then as basis for better forecasting




(No Risk, Just Reward pricing: You pay only for % improvement in accuracy attained)

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Allocation Automation

This formula removes the manual steps of balancing out stocks to stores when trying to get all the stores to the same weeks stock




Distribution Warehouse with High Shelves

Store Space Optimiser

Methodology that optimises the space in a store given to various departments in order to maximise sales.


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