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Retail Pricing

No Risk, Just Reward

The pricing for the forecasting is dependent on what % improvement in forecast accuracy was obtained. For example, if you pay x € for one % improvement in accuracy, then you will pay 2x € for 2% improvement. 


A standalone Program is a yearly rental. (The advantage of that is that we will maintain it for free to make sure it keeps working for you when you have database changes)

Consulting Pricing

Smart People

Our analysts have their degrees in Actuarial Science but they are of varying experience levels, so they are divided up into tiers. Tier 1 will produce the most difficult type of work quickest, leading to a saving in expenses (even though their hourly rate is higher). Tier 2 will complete straightforward analysis tasks in the same time as Tier 1, and is therefore a better choice to cut down on expenses, for simpler work.


Tier 1 (€1.200 per day)

Fully qualified Actuary (FIA). 


Stellenbosch University


BComm.Actuarial Science

BCommHons.Actuarial Science

Masters Data Analytics

Work (14 years):

Deloitte UK, Gen Re, Old Mutual, Aviva plc


Tier 2 (€450 per day)

Completed University Degree, with some limited work experience.
University of Pretoria
BSc.Actuarial and Financial Mathematics

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