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Welcome to Dutch South Africa Company

Actuaries and Statisticians

Dutch South Africa Company scientists focuses on providing the best forecasts and statistical classifications for European clients. We are situated in Cape Town, because here we are able to provide competitive pricing for exactly the same quality work found from analysts based in Europe  

Dutch in South Africa

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A community of 3 million Dutch-speaking descendants settled in South Africa just over 400 years ago.


The initial individuals came across as employees of the Dutch East India Company.


Excellence in the broader STEM disciplines ushered in achievements such as the world’s first heart transplant and the extraction of oil from coal.


National institutions for higher education delivered internationally competitive results , and universities such as "Universiteit van Stellenbosch" , "Rand Afrikaans Univeriteit" and: “Transvaal Universiteitskollege” bore highly sought-after Actuarial and Statistical expertise , working as European-qualified Insurance Underwriters (actuaries) and Analysts.

Why Choose Dutch South Africans?

When one offshore work, you trade up the convenience of working with individuals of one of the familiar European cultures and languages, for inexpensive work. How about keeping both?

  1. The Dutch South Africans have a work culture and ethic, similar to the Netherlands. (As an added fun factor, it will be surprising to see how close their Dutch dialect is to Flemish.)

  2. Their cost of living in South Africa is very low and local job opportunities are meagre, therefore the work compensation asked for are half the European equivalent.

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